About Us

Welcome to Washaphai Web Solutions

An upcoming web  solutions agency from Imphal,Manipur,India.Our aim is to help more and more people in getting a place for themselves in the online world.

Who Are We

A complete web solutions provider.

Our Mission

To enable people to get online and reap the benefits that the World Wide Web offers.

What We Do

We make websites to enable you find an online audience. We offer many services to help you succeed.

Our history

Washaphai Web Solutions is born out of our passion for World Wide Web. We love Internet. we are fascinated by it. we understood the various ways in which the Web can change our lives for the better.

Our 6-D process



We love learning new things about the web and the Internet. Every day.We strive to hone our expertise every single day.



Before we undertke our projects we look at every angle for various ways about how to best executive it.



We design websites from the perspective of user-friendliness, easy custmisations,UX/UI consideartions .



Our development strategy is guided by lean code. Bloat of any code is shunned by us. We make sure that the website loads fast. 



We test the website from every  perspective be it user-friendlinees and accessiblilty. We test your site via various browsers, desktop and mobile across different operating systems.



We make sure that the project we deliver is complete in all aspects.

Why choose us?

We are firm believers in clean , effective, minimalist websites. Our design principle is based on minimalism. We strived to create websites that load fast and are easy to the eyes and the wallet.

Unlike other agencies that cons its customers with various hidden charge and fine print we are totally transparent in our dealings.And are super affordable.

We will work closely with you to bring excellent results. we will look into your copy-writing needs for a small fee. We can proofread your articles or post. We will maintain your website. we will optimise your SEO. We can fix your website errors. all for a small fee for each individual services. Just call us or email us .

Okay. We are not the best website designers of the world. But we are passionate about what we do. We love designing and developing websites. We are here not only for the money. This is our passion. Our love. This is what adds meaning to our existence.

You will get what we pay for. We are here for the long haul. we are looking for a lng term partnership. When you succeed in your business we share the happiness too. To be honest our continued existences in this industry will depend on the success of our cients.

Would you like to start a project with us?

Call us. Email us. We will try to respond as fast as possible.